Coconut Oil for your Hair

Hair care has always been important since men and women had…….hair. Ancient civilizations have always turned to nature for hair care. Awapuhi flower gel in Polynesian Islands, and today this gel is present in many shampoos and conditioners, Argan oil in North Africa for treating dry and damaged hair, Almond and other nut oils in Ancient Egypt……you get the picture. Walk into any hair shop, hair isle or stall and you will find these same products on the shelf.


What are the benefits of Coconut oil for hair?

With lots of natural properties, coconut oil gives hair nutrients for growth, moisture, and repair.

  • Moisture retention from Coconut oil keeps hair soft and supple. This is particularly important as the weather elements and harsh chemicals rob our hair of moisture. Dry hair is prone to breakage and damage and grows very poorly. Hair breakage leads to frayed and split ends which can only really be resolved by cutting your precious hair. You should treat your hair as you would a plant, feed it, water it and it will grow and thrive
  • Supplements Vitamin E which has antioxidant properties that repair hair follicles. Vitamin E is also good for a healthy scalp, which in turn leads to hair growth
  • Gives sheen and gloss which gives your hair a lovely deep lustre. We are really talking aesthetics here, and Coconut oil will keep your hair looking the part.
  • Great for all types of hair Coconut oil is the ultimate multi-tasking hair product. It is great for all hair types, be it straight, curly and everything in between.
  • Nourishes hair and scalp ensuring your hair is soft and manageable, a true sign of healthy hair.
  • Restores vibrancy where your hair feels lush, healthy and amazing. This, we cannot put a price on.

Coconut oil natural hair

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