Coconut Oil – The True Superfood

Coconut OilEvery 10 years or so, a new product becomes all the rage, despite having been in our lives for an eternity. Think Goji berries, Chia seeds, Olive Oil, Kale (and more Kale), Edamame Beans and the list goes on. You can bet your bottom dollar that a celebrity of some description has stumbled upon this ‘new thinking’ and suddenly swears by it. Who cares that Goji berries have been in Chinese cooking for over 6000 years, let’s pay attention because Victoria Beckham swears by them. Recently it has been ‘Raw Water’ and that is unpurified water, straight from the spring, not spring water because that has been processed somehow.

We have seen many of these superfoods storm into public acceptance only to be left by the wayside quicker than you can say Latte Machiatto with Soy froth.coconut-oil flowers However, one that has so far survived the test of time is the wonderful Coconut oil. What makes its popularity even more astounding is the fact that, in the not too distant past, Coconut oil was polarised due to high levels of saturated fats.

The popularity of Coconut Oil is down to its versatility, it is great to cook with, fantastic for skin and amazing in hair. The health benefits of Coconut oil are endless, with claims about help with Cancer treatment, Arthritis, Diabetes and so on. It is an oil that we recommend every household has, and it seems, unlike other health fads, the many benefits of Coconut oil mean even if 80% of its rumoured benefits are proved to be wrong, the 20% that are substantiated will change your life – and that’s a gamble worth taking. Choose Coconut Oil for LIFE.

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