Coconut Oil for Alzeimher’s

One of the biggest claims attributed to Coconut Oil is also one of the most hotly disputed. It is claimed that Coconut Oil can cure or alleviate the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. We must stress though that this is a claim not yet substantiated but we will explore the facts of the argument.

There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia countries where Coconut Oil is a staple food.

Brain Food

Our brain is the nerve centre of all bodily functions and activities, so rightly requires ample energy to power it. The energy is in the form of glucose, extracted from the sugars and carbohydrates we consume. In the event that there isn’t enough glucose available, the body will dip into our fat reserves and convert fat into energy, producing ketones. The process involves the MCT being sent to the liver, from where they are released as ketones into your bloodstream. The bloodstream then transports the ketones to the brain to be used as brain food.Alzheimer's 1

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Coconut oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), such as myristic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid which we discussed in skincare. MCTs are the all-rounder of the fats world, there is not much they don’t do.  Some of the things MCTs do:

  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood
  • Aid weight loss
  • Increase performance during exercise
  • Fat supplement where the intestinal tract is missing
  • Treatment of various diseases
  • Reduce muscle degradation

It has been suggested that consuming 2 teaspoons of Coconut oil a day, will provide enough ketones to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. The research is based on the fact that ketones are typically consumed within 3 hours, however, coconut oil ketones can stay in the body for up to 8 hours, providing vital fuel to the brain.



As MCTs increase ketones in the bloodstream, this is not ideal for diabetics. In addition, anyone with liver disease will also need to stay clear of MCTs as they are processed in the liver, so consuming coconut oil could increase strain on an already weakened liver.

To Conclude

Whilst there is no evidence to substantiate this claim with curing Alzheimer’s, it certainly cannot harm to consume coconut oil regularly. A broken clock is still correct twice a day, so if this link with Alzheimer’s proves to be false, there are still many proven benefits to be had from this wonder oil.





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